What's new at the workshop?

Hello, I have my workshop, imperfect but existing since early October 2019 now.    All I have to do is push two doors from our house, to be there. And there's an independent entrance from the outside!    I have a complete wall, furnished with salvaged doors to paint vertically, another wall with two windows on the garden, with shelves (for equipment), a desk, two sinks on the side.


A dry toilet has been installed by us. Other L-shaped storage for already painted frames and paintings are installed, and I have a large table to work horizontally.    Another wall is installed to welcome the participants in my workshop, at the #jeudepeindre that I lead Free to Paint with L'Envol Workshops.   Here are some of the new features at the workshop, from the Open Doors in early October, either completed or in progress.    In progress, I have some very large formats. I recovered old painted frames at a lower cost, in very good condition, which I sanded to remove the paint, I had a primer and for now I have only just started, the first layer of background.   I started two series from two existing tables: Jail, and Save the Planet.   Drain 1 acrylic on canvas on 80 x 80 cm frame

Jail 2. Totally recent, then. Abstract painting with acrylic and oil with pre-preparation work on textures.   For this one, Save the planet 1, worked on acrylic and oil, and textured, I took up a color palette, and a common theme: Save the planet 2 Acrylic oil and pure pigments. I also worked on abstract backgrounds, adding female characters, my Women who… Imaginary goddesses of my personal pantheon.   I draw many of these women goddesses on my sketchbooks and in digital painting. So I wanted to put together, these works on sketchbooks and digital painting with my work in abstract painting.   I drew them in pastel and then with acrylic paint. One of them is painted with phosphorescent pink acrylic paint. So it glares in the dark. The other has painted additions to transparent phosphorescent paint, which gives a different vision at night.   Here's 'Woman who lifts the Winds'' and 'Woman dancing in the lakes''  

I have prepared smaller formats, which requires more work, my gestures are naturally slump, more covering, I am very absorbed, but in another way, when I work on smaller formats.   Here are a few, either on canvas on frame or on paper, and framed.  

  To understand my artistic approach in case you're interested… 😉: ( Because it's not an obligation!) I started by working the intuitive approach only, then emerged series / themes: If I continue to use intuition, I also mix my interests, what is in my gut, in my life, which touches me deeply. I could draw a kind of circle, a spiral, from the moons through the vulvas, the seeds, the plant for nature and for its resilience, all of this relates to life and the creation of life. So that's what drives me and what's going on for me artistically right now. But also adds what makes sense in terms of the effect of colors on emotions. I could add a lot of things because I'm interested in too many topics. That's why painting is interesting for me and especially the intuitive approach, it allows me not to think too much, and so not to disperse too much. Thank you to those who have read this to the end. 🤭😉 For others I hope the colors will have done you good. (I don't believe in humans having any legitimacy to humiliate one another.) Thank you. Magda Hoibian. #abstractpainting #abstractartwork #originalart #originalartwork #art #artistofinstagram #artistoninstagram #artworkforsale #paintingforsale #artwork #artwork #artforsale #artforsale #artforsale #artforsale #artforsale #abstractart-wallde #abstractartorg #abstractlandscape #flaming_abstracts #femaleartist #artstudio #artiststudiocor #easel #easel #contemporaryartist #contemporaryartist #contemporaryartist #contemporaryartist #abstraction #magdahoibian #easel #easel #easel #easel #easel #easel #magdahoibian #artwork #artwork #artwork #artwork #artwork #artwork #artforsale #artforsale #artforsale #artforsale #artforsale #easel #easel #artwork #artwork #artwork #abstractart #wallart #abstractart #wallart #wallart #wallart #easel #artsy #artsy #magdahoibian


Merci de suivre Magda Hoibian

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