Artistic approach

My artistic approach is based, among other things, on my relations with abstraction and time, but also on textures and colors in an almost carnal and instinctive way.

“Time reveals everything.” 


I have a process that is in several times:
I first work my funds. I’m just preparing my palette of colors and brushes or knives that I feel at this time and I’m working.
I work the funds intimately, whole, with my hands often and engaging all my body, I work the materials by preparing textures before, the funds are complete, thick, important.
When the shapes appear and a composition comes out, I also get out and there
Before a second time, I give time to pass.
I need this report at the time in my artistic endeavor.
The time that runs out, everything that happens in the process of creation in this passage almost empty and during sleep or slow and silent steps.
Time during my readings, too.
I return to my work and at that moment I need to re-center/turn to him.
To evacuate thoughts and intellect as much as possible.
I take a palette of other tools, I tweak the work, the shapes, I start to see my canvas.
I leave the time again.
And when I come back I work the details. that are different depending on the series.
My artistic approach is therefore based on a powerful bond with time, a predominance for the colors that take over my paintings, and a force of emotion to which I leave place in the process of creation.

“Color is stronger than language.”

Marie-Laure Bernadac

The themes that are drawn in my artistic practice come second time. First because my main technique is intuitive painting so the ideas come next.
My strongest interests go to
-The organic so round, circles, and shapes.
-Children’s human traces
-Climatic upheavals via a strong interest in plant, water and botany.
-The symbolic around the feminine, the woman.
Because my work is not cut off from who I am.
I have been living in the countryside for years by choice, but I have an urban culture.
I don’t want or can ignore human/Nature bonds.
I can not defend myself from the wonder of nature.
I’m a woman.
My working techniques:
I work mainly on acrylic and more and more oil. But I often add mixed techniques. Pigments, pure or diluted, inks and other additions. I really like working on the traces and impressions of various objects. Divert things from their primary function and use them in my artistic practice.
(fabrics, corks, sponges, etc…)
My technical approach is made of curiosity, research and instinct through a tension between a drop-in and a curiosity for the techniques of acrylic and mixed techniques since I work more and more acrylic and oil especially with Solid oil sticks. I work the first layers, I scratch the material but I also like the solids with knives and I appreciate to look and let appear what comes with a certain letting-take, I do not conceive a canvas before, I work it first and discover it in As you can. From my artistic relationship to time I then work it again a lot and more and more besides.

“Reason separates and isolates, while intuition unifies and harmonises.”

S. Keshajvee

Magda Hoibian in her studio. October 2017.