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Hello, The workshop, my workshop is all in all, very recent! Open since October 2019, I invest it little by little, continuing to improve it as I go along. I absolutely love its windows overlooking the garden, even if I completely forget the view, once immersed in the act of creation.  

Water-soluble oil work:

I recently switched to oils mainly, not acrylics in my practice as a painter.   The reason is this: I often seek a form of consistency in my life choices. Without being too purist, never. But let's say that the presence of products from the oil industry, products completely related to oil is contrary to my way of life in part, mainly since 2006, so it has been titillating me for quite some time. It bothered me. The products to work until then the oil did not satisfy me. Harmful to health and treatment as waste, it could not be appropriate. So recently, I tried a brand of water-soluble oil. (Georgian) It's fantastic! No pollution, very beautiful rendering, beautiful pigmentations. I still work with solid oils in sticks that I appreciate very much. Just diluted with #GreenforOil products that go very well for this use. (Sennelier) (I mentioned it in this post.)  I work mainly with fingers, it's much more sensual than I thought, and it came almost in spite of me …   I also use other objects, brushes, brushes and fabrics but my hands, my fingers are good allies.

Current series and projects:

I had created a series of 3 paintings entitled ''In the Dark Forest of Women'' in 2018. You can refer to this article about the birth of this series here.  Finally, I realize, that I continue in my research, this series, at least, its theme, that of a wild place more reassuring for me, woman, that our society, my family of origin, and my journey, like that of many women, translates viscerally, in relation to places, in a need to struggle , involuntary but indispensable, in relation to the word so often reproached , ( Shut up!), (You talk too much!) .... This wild place that partially, I can invest, invent by painting, says how I feel unwelcome as it, in our world. Or how much nature is needed for me in its expression? I don't know, I'm looking.   "In the Blue Forest of Women" is currently a workshop job, which I am pursuing.   In the blue forest of women


Details of the Blue Forest of Women With , I work large panels, this one also follows a journey of woman's life, not mandatory, but which was close to me, and questions me a lot at present, I had not wanted this theme, which imposed itself, and which I accepted. There is a coherence, a logic that emerges… Large oil panel. Ongoing

By working alternately with periods of reading and wandering of the mind, (indispensable for me!) , I ''drawn' a project of visual work. An installation for exhibition, sort of.   The work is not finished, I work there, I mix painting, recovery of cardboard materials, poetic writing in prose and embroidery.   It's a workable job, I don't know how long it's going to take me, but I'm in it and I know where I'm going… So essential. Much more important for me, to build, than to rush into exhibition spaces too quickly.   Building a coherent work takes time. Always him, time as an ally, with the newfound pleasure of creating, of working. Thanks for reading me. Magda Hoibian Artist Painter, Plastician




Merci de suivre Magda Hoibian

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