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About colors, open doors and starting…

Hello to all,

This month of September 2018 me well! Not only do I have paintings on display in Alençon, but I propose a day of open doors of autumn in the workshop while preparing… My departure from the Perche for the South Touraine…! 


The 3IFA's application restaurant in Alençon hosts some of my paintings all this month of September.

… They're on show-sale.

The opening hours are those of the application Restaurant 3 days a week, and you can also book your meals at 

Open Autumn Doors

This month of September is the last I spend in the secondary offer perch. It is for reasons related to the lack of economic opportunities, and jobs in this geographical area, that with my family we must leave the Percheron campaign. It was an inspiring place by its Nature, but rather arduous to expose or find the public as a coach in creativity… Anyway I am leaving soon in South Touraine on Loches, and we are all me and my two "acolytes" enchanted to tell us that we will stay there now.

Before leaving, I had really to heart to mark the blow, to say good-bye to those who came to the workshop, but also to those whom I met in various places like the Galerie de Mortagne, or who came during my week of exhibition in Bellême , and also to the few students of Intuitive painting!

So you are all cordially invited on Sunday September 22nd at my open door of autumn! It's only on a day, but you have to admit that it will be framed by two… Empty-house days! Come too if you feel like it and have not yet seen my work, this is the opportunity! It will be with pleasure! 

Performance Painting in music

This day will be under the sign of music!!  Here on my Instagram account you can attend a part of a rehearsal with a musician on guitar, Patrick Berthet.

For there will be live a performance on the Terrace: direct live production of a painting (1st time) with the accompaniment in music (improvisation) with Patrick Berthet on the electric guitar.

Colors and effects

Abstraction, intuition, Emotion, my paintings are like the water that often they evoke for those who contemplate them. Enveloping and fluid at the same time. My favorite colors with their many shades that I do not get tired of exploring are the blues and greens… And I really like to counterbalance them with contrasting colors like roses, violets… and highlight them with white, black…

Blue is a color that has the effect on those who live with, to calm, to appease, to call a sensation of freedom…

The green will balance and relax and it is the symbol of hope just as it currently strongly represents the links with nature.

VIOLET will help to develop spirituality, creation and contemplation.

These colors act on your emotions, your feelings and your moods. This can greatly help you feel better, than living with a picture to contemplate. It's just like living regular meditation sessions, more free.

FOREST in the morning by
Akira Kosemura

In Touraine and online

For those who appreciate my work, when I am installed in Touraine Sud, I will put the details of the workshop here and also::

It is always possible to stay in touch and acquire a table via the two selling sites that I prefer now:

My Major ART click!

My Saatchi Art Clic


I hope to be able to expose more often once in Touraine and by then see you before our departure from the secondary offer perch! 

Enjoy the visuals, you may find yours among these few paintings…

Abstraction, Intuition, Emotion.

Magda Jeyachandra Artist

Merci de suivre Magda Hoibian

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