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Thanks to The New Republic, newspaper of my Central region, for these two articles: One about my installation in Betz-le-château , in the old post office of the village. The other, about our Christmas exhibition with the artistic collective L'Oeil VIF 👁️✨, of which I am one of the co-founders.

Thanks to The New Republic, betz's correspondent the castle, and Lisa Darrault from The New Republic. It is useful and pleasant to read these press articles that have understood my artistic work, my installation in the countryside, a choice of life as an artistic choice, and in continuity, the creation of the artistic collective L'Eye VIF 👁️✨, a collective artists who organize themselves to work where they live, in South Touraine.


No bright eye 1 Thanks to Lisa Darrault New Republic photo credit and writing. The new Republic.     Our collective Christmas exhibition is currently open. We are 5 Participating Artists all, all founding members, trices of the vif artistic collective eye 👁️✨, and happy, of our collective project, this opportunity, and exchanges with visitors, visitors.   You can come tomorrow and next weekend! Addresses: Magda Hoibian Workshop, 15 Post Street in Betz Castle and Lesson Room at the Library, Betz Schools Street the Castle. Arrow route, car parks indicated!   Post tomorrow on this exhibition!  Let today's art live, including in rural areas!!   See you, Magda Hoibian

Merci de suivre Magda Hoibian

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