Opening of workshop Instructions October 3-6!

Hello, I open the doors for you!! I open my artist's studio, with Instruction, at the same time as I inaugurate it!! Come discover my artistic universe, paintings with my intuitive and abstract artistic approach, acquire a canvas at a workshop price eventually, and soak up the atmosphere of an artist's studio in the beautiful village of Betz the castle. Guest artist: Guetault Nathalie sculptor.   Thursday to Sunday from 1:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. 15 rue de la Poste in Betz the castle in the old post office! Tea and coffee offered. Surprise on Saturday 5 thrify in the late afternoon….! (Other guest artists, shush!) This warm and artistic event exists in partnership with L'oeil VIF, Artistic Collective 👁️✨ and #Modedemploi Take a tour of the Artistic South Touraine, with the five Artists exhibited in the three artists' workshops opened in South Touraine, via the art collective VIF Eye, and with the support of Mode d'emploi!   Betz the castle 🔜 Saint Hyppolite 🔜 Chedigny or vice versa, do as you please, but enjoy this cultural event, first, joyful, rich in emotions and sensations and artistic reflections and beyond, in the workshops of 3 professional visual artists.   It is a real pleasure that these open workshop doors, in many ways. First of all, I just moved to Betz Castle, and the work in the old post office, is just finished! My workshop, an essential place, is brand new, and will be my creative companion until the end, I no longer move.   Then, these open doors, are half co-organized by the artistic collective of which I am co-founder, the VIF artistic collective eye, and which is very dear to me and keeps me busy.   And then the support and integration of our workshops in this device by MC Valentin of Fashion, cultural structure of Tours, is very important.   Finally, thank you, to all my family, friends, friends and neighbors for all the help, heart 💜 who accompanied me and supported me during this summer of work Here at the workshop!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.   Now, there is room for creation in a real workshop.   Welcome.   Magda Hoibian visual artist        

Merci de suivre Magda Hoibian

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