Magda Hoibian at Singulart Contemporary Art Gallery

Hello, This period (strong and intense for many and new for all) of Pandemic World, saw the cancellation of all exhibitions of painting and visual art , even after coming out of confinement. Those that resume, do so under very special conditions. For my part, I choose to wait until the end of this pandemic, after the second wave to expose again.   During the confinement, having the chance (A choice of life too …) , my workshop in my house, I was able to continue to paint and disseminate on Instagram my work. My work available on SINGULART: And there, I had the very good surprise to be contacted by a person from the team of the online art gallery SINGULART , who offered me a telephone appointment. So I have the immense pleasure to share with you that you can find my paintings available on the singulart contemporary art gallery: Here is my page where to find my paintings: Magda Hoibian on Singulart gallery. This is very stimulating and enjoyable for me.  It allows me to organize a little more my work in series, and therefore to deepen these series by completing them. It's extra work, of course, for the videos of the paintings, the input of the images and information on each painting, but I hope that it will have an impact!  THE AMIS OF ARTISTS: I must say here, and thank warmly, the team of Friends of Artists, who during this difficult period, mobilized to help both the Artists to sell (and show!) their works and mobilize collectors-his art and visual actors in a very solidarity for us artists and through solidarity funds.   I enjoyed this period so much for the help, the support, the stimulation and that it brought… Thank you 1000 times to Margaux Brugvin, whose videos on artists you absolutely must listen to, she is enthusiastic, exciting and erudite while remaining spontaneous but very knowledgeable! She has worked hard for the whole community on a volunteer basis throughout this period, thank you Margaux!  Listen to videos on the art of Margaux Brugvin: On Instagram: Margaux Brugvin tells us about Art . Many other people have been attacking for this initiative that I appreciated very much, gallery owners (a little not dozens either!;-) , art freaks, thanks Christophe Billard, so adorable, and other people. See the site of friends of artists CLIC , it's a bit silly of me to talk about it now, but the period was not so easy, I concentrated elsewhere than here …    Thanks to them! I sold thanks to them a painting to a collector who already knows my work, I received much more interest and followers (followers yes! 🙂 ) on Instagram, and so, that's how I was contacted to be on Singulart. I think that this solidarity should exist in the art world (all over the world) constantly to tell the truth…   I post you on the page of my work, the latest photos of my new paintings, and… Honestly, I'm very happy to be campaigning for more and more reasons… RDV and STAGES at the workshop of the summer: You can all this summer, take rendezvous if you are visiting Touraine with me at the workshop if you are interested in my work. In addition, I organize intuitive painting courses, including one with a sophrologist, and on appointment it is possible to ask me for a session or an afternoon of discovery of Intuitive Painting in the workshop!  Information about these workshops and internships is on the other site HERE.  New Paintings: – "Go see" Oil painting on round canvas (TONDO) – "In the Blue Forest of Women" Oil painting and pastels – "Buried Life" Acrylic and Pastels Painting – "Duo The Black Bird" Acrylic and Oil on two cubes                                                                                                                                                                        – "The Breath of the Bird" Acrylic and HUILE – Lover to the Bird , Oil on large panel.   See you soon, don't hesitate to make contact if you want to, Magda Hoibian

Merci de suivre Magda Hoibian

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