Installation in South Touraine

It is good to live in Touraine..

I confirm, yes, it is good to live in Touraine… ! Live and create. And I also hope to expose, and develop through the association the workshops the flight & its painting game and the sessions of Intuitive painting… ! I discovered the South Touraine in the middle of the autumn of India, which despite the awareness of the climate emergency, has not been unpleasant, we must recognise it!                                            The fig tree offered us delicious fruit, and if the great workshop hoped for in the house we rent proves to be in poor condition (too much to accommodate the public, really!) I can paint in a room waiting for more extensive… [Video width = "720" height = "1280" mp4 = " "] [/video] so I started to paint again less than a month after moving into the beautiful little royal city of Loches, where we enjoy both nature, and a sociable and more cultural life than in our last search for places of life! Loches is beautiful and nice.  I recommend it to you during your visits, holidays in the valley of the Loire and the Indre. The Indre La Traverse and its ancient city is superb and lively. I can do everything on foot or by bike or almost, I appreciate very much.   Further news will follow when the cartons are undone and I would have made contacts, so in a while…! In the meantime, I can paint and live with pleasure and in touch, a real happiness… Green June is always available with many other online paintings or soon by appointment at the workshop…   Different online galleries are available on my major Art account. > > You can choose the table that appeals to you most > > GALERIESDE Magda Jeyachandra artist [caption id = "attachment_514" align = "alignnone" width = "512"] wall > > It takes all Repainting in white in our house for rent so I take the opportunity to embellish a little part of the walls…! ^^ [/caption] Two works in progress at the workshop, one on chassis, the other on art paper…   Soon, in the sweetness of living of the country Lochois or via the canvas or elsewhere… Magda Jeyachandra, painter in loches, Indre et Loire. Contact here…  

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Merci de suivre Magda Hoibian

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