Exhibition in July 2018 at Bellême

Magda Jeyachandra Exhibits in July 2018 in Bellême, from 2 to 8 July 2018. During this exhibition, you will see and will be able to acquire recent paintings worked with acrylic and acrylic and oils. You will find paintings of its following series:-series "Vegetable Abstraction"-series "Moon"-series "in the Dark Forest of women" as well as paintings on mow of the series ' ' Convolutions ". This exhibition lasts a week and is located in the heart of the charming close town of Bellême, where you can enjoy also flea markets, tea rooms and other exhibitions, such as the Festival photos of Bellême initiated by Pascal Quittemelle and his Photography space. This painting exhibition is performed in duet with paintings by his fellow artist, Anne Robin. Both will be present on the spot. You will have the opportunity to exchange with them. The Bellême Porch Room will be dedicated to them and will be open all week. Opening hours 10.30 am to 12h 30 and from 2.30 pm to 7pm [Envia-Gallery id = "121"] address: The porch room in the city close to Bellême in the secondary offer perch. (61 Orne.) Welcome to you so and to the pleasure of meeting you there. Added: Article in the local press. Newspaper "Le Perche" journalist: Audrey Ottonelli: I thank Audrey Ottonelli for our warm talk. His vision of my person and my work has surprised me a little, but it is true that we do not know sometimes well! To be honest, it is fair to say that ecology has been important to me for a long time, our choices of life (I hear my family, my husband, our daughter and myself.) have been linked to it for well over 10 years, and even more so, and it is true that I have chosen to remove oil painting as long as The range of #Green for oil (read my test on the range #GreenforOil here) was not out or the paintings dilutables with water which I would also tell you soon. I see a lot of installations on the theme of global warming or #Climatechange but not necessarily in coherence with the materials worked, it is very varied. The article at the end speaks of a prize pool, I did not really broadcast this kitty, but as the article appeared… I'll put the link, who knows? Even if I admit I do not believe too much… 🙂 In the end, I like this article, I thank Audrey Ottonelli who took time for the interview! Painting, media, communication, travel etc, all this requires starting costs to start an artist career. But where are the patrons who are not looking for conceptual art? 🙂 There are, I will eventually meet… !   I become more and more patient, the more I paint, the more I learn, the more I exchange and the more patient I am, it's quite curious, but it works like that… Here is this article by journalist Audrey Ottonelli who works for the newspaper "Le Perche" which I thank (both) for this publication: here is the link to the prize pool on Leetchi, in case it affects you: 

Prize pool works of art are made to be seen! 

Soon, take pleasure and time to live,

Magda Jeyachandra, painter, Abstraction.

Merci de suivre Magda Hoibian

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