Magda Hoibian was born in 1965 in the east of France. She grew up there five years in the countryside in the Doubs in the small village of Glay. Its origins by his paternal family are Slavic on the Sorbian side, descendants of Slavic peoples established in eastern Germany towards the life of the century. Today they represent the smallest of Slavic peoples! But this little people has marked its imaginary and its identity. She grew up in the countryside and then very quickly in the Parisian region, first in a pavilion with a garden and for her 8 years is found in a set of large towers in the Val de Marne. It is in Fontenay-sous-Bois, a city where culture is important that it continues to grow, discovers multiple cultures, and goes to shows, to the cinema of its district Kosmos, and takes advantage of the cultural offer of this city. His childhood oscillates between the holiday campaign and weekends always in new discoveries and the varied cultures that she discovers in her new urban living environment. She will draw and paint all her childhood, everywhere, including on walls! At 18, BAC in Pocket she tries without believing a contest of the normal school and gets it brilliantly. A little annoyed, she enters, abandoning any other idea of studies. (There is no question of offering him studies for his family, it is a girl!) The free painting and the childish traces will have its full attention therefore. In 1991 she left the Parisian suburbs to live in Marseille where she would stay for 10 years. She meets a couple of painters the Lombardi-Serguieff who will mark her a lot and is formed by Anny Lazarus in contemporary Art. She also follows a bachelor’s degree in art history in Aix after obtaining a bachelor’s degree in education science. She follows a psychoanalysis and becomes more herself in a less anguished joy of living, and acquires flexibility and measured futility!

She follows in the years 90 in Marseille, trainings in plastic arts especially with Anny Lazarus, who has since specialized in Asian arts… And a Bachelor of Art history at the University of Aix-Marseille rather than completing his master’s degree in… Education Science! She has always loved the visual, the arts, the museums, the illustrated books, the landscapes and the abstract art discovered in museums and books.

His journey is singular: always authentic, creative, alive, seeking a sincere truth.

She will therefore work for about 18 years in the coaching professions with children or young people and adults. She will always hate routines, and will always love initiatives, ideas of change, creativity. In 1999 she became Zoe Hoibian‘s mom. A year later she left Marseille, passed in Ardèche and moved to Lyon. It is in Lyon that she marries and begins to have a more regular artistic practice but as an amateur from 2007. In 2006 she resigned from national education with relief. Her daughter Zoe then becomes a young girl free from school and learns outside the walls. She spends time with pleasure. It will start by picking up the drawing and then creating paper collages with recycling and recovery. In a few years it will create a hundred of which there is almost nothing left today. She either offered them all, or destroyed them. She starts painting in 2010. First on canvases without frames, looking for her style: she explores the color nonetheless, what is currently in her artistic style. His favorite universes if she had to choose, are, the abstract lyricism, the Fauvism… Marc Chagall for the colors and the Slavic spirit-Magda Jeyachandra has Slavic origins! -Picasso for the exploration of various techniques, engineering, research, Matisse for his apparent serenity and his great carvings, seraphe de Senlis for the movement in the colors, Sonia Delaunay for forms and innovation, Joan Mitchell and Helen Frankenthaler for their originality to each and their courage to impose themselves as a woman-artist and their wonderful colors, and many others… ! Niki de St-Phalle, Miro, Kandinsky… She moved several times with her family between 2008 and 2017. They are looking for a campaign that is both welcoming and with a beautiful nature where cultural activity is present. In 2011 she followed a formation with Arno Stern on spontaneous painting (painting game) and founded her association “Les Ateliers fledging.” In 2016 Magda Jeyachandra feels ready and officially launches her work as a visual artist. His style was affirmed. “If all life inevitably goes towards its end, we must during our time, colour it with our colors of love and hope. “Marc Chagall. She paints paintings in the line of abstract expressions. It creates in a lively or slow amplitude of lines, curves or trenches, its sensibility, its intuition illustrates the inspiration of a presence of an abstract expressionism. In his approach, the intellect must not prevail. First of all, it must feel available to live fully the present moment, to be totally available to its inspiration and to make body with the color, the material painting. Freedom, research and pleasure are the master words of Magda Jeyachandra. His gestures are free, neat, intuitive, leaving his palettes of colors, in the space of his paintings from the classic canvases to the shears that she likes. The emotional dimension of his artistic work is found both in the contemplation of his works, what it arouses and when she speaks of it. His abstract painting, his convolutions formed on canvases and in the chosen colours are at the service of a universal language, that of Emotion. After a first sale she gets her N ° of the MDA (House of artists. ) in 2017 she moved into the Perche, then to Touraine in 2018 where she finally found her ideal corner to create, live and work. His first exhibition will take place less than 2 months after his move to Normandy, and others follow. She intends to develop her artistic work from Loches where she has just settled. Read his artistic approach here.

“Art has its own will. It has nothing to do with the taste of the moment or what is expected of you. Helen Frankenthaler