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By appointment at the atelier of Magda Jeyachandra


Hello to you!

This season, I propose other doors open to the workshop in the boom, but this time with another formula:

Mainly by appointment, from May to September included, on the following days:

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday between 11am and 7pm (lunch break to be respected, thank you.)

          In May I open therefore on request only the doors of the workshop to anyone who has ever seen some of my plastic work on this site Magda Jeyachandra artist or also on my page on Saatchi art or still art major or amateur or lover of painting Abstract, and wishing to see in real my paintings in order to acquire one or more and to meet me or any/all gallerist and collector/collector of art. These are open doors but open to extended dates! You just have to make an appointment at the opening days and hours… All you have to do is go through my contact page (click) or my Instagram and we will agree on an appointment. To find the place, it will be simple, I propose a link with map at the bottom of this article, and this time there will be a sign indicating the workshop in front of the entrance! All this is located in the secondary offer perch, between the villages of Moutier-au-Perche, the Madeleine-groove and Neuilly-sur-Eure, on the community of communes of Longny-les-Villages. Good doors open so to you, there are artists everywhere in the regions too, so enjoy also… ! And the workshop is located in this House: Whether you are Parisians in spree in the green perch, in a secondary residence or in simple weekend revitalising in the hills rolling of the perch, or of chartrains wishing to meet a New artist and his original works, of curious Roosters native or not, you will have therefore from the month of May the possibility to make an appointment for these doors open to the workshop, and discover my work: colorful paintings, abstract paintings to Acrylic with added oil and ink, which will not fail to challenge you in one way or another. (beware, this is not an activity to take care of, thank you to make an appointment if you have a real interest in abstract painting! ^^)   It is also a warm way of meeting that is important to me.   You can already see on my art-book online here: Ultra book by Magda Jeyachandra.   See you for the open spring-summer doors by appointment only at the workshop starting in May! An info that is also on the agenda of the regional natural Park of the Perche! CLICK here!  Expo level: I exhibit with Anne Robin painter, duo, from 2 to 8 July 2018! Its acrylic paintings and my acrylic and oil paintings will be presented and available for sale at Bellême in this first week of July 2018 and we'll take turns to be present and available on site in this beautiful room. Bellême, showrooms: This will be from July 2 to 8 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and from 2pm to 7pm each day of this week in July 2018. The paintings will be on sale on the spot.   The information concerning the particular courses of intuitive painting is published elsewhere, and concerning the exhibitions, and the new tables, nothing is definitive or stopped, this is not exhaustive, and other events can still… Happen!

Good to you, follow your curiosity, and put art in your lives, art is the salt of life… !


Via GIPHY Magda Jeyachandra, painter Place:

Merci de suivre Magda Hoibian

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