2019: Thank you! Welcome to 2020!


I send a big thank you to 2019 recently completed! 

  Despite everything, yes, despite this world that cracks, damaged and cruel sometimes, thanks to those intimate little steps that allowed me to arrive in the right place (finally!) and find the right house that offers me the place for a real workshop, thanks for the exhibitions of 2019 with the new but promising collective L'oeil VIF Collective and the strong and intense encounters in South Touraine and the Central region with Becoming Art and the sequel to come!    Yes, thanks despite the terrible social reform of the Artist-Authors… Thank you to CAAP for the great work done on this subject elsewhere…. Life is so delicious at times and so fascinating!    

So I wish you intense and sweet moments of encounters in the arts, colorful, full of time to be tamed or tame in your turn the works that will make you vibrate forever, pauses in the midst of the turmoil of our time …

A beautiful and good 2020 to each and every one! 

  Thank you all for the positive feedback at the Christmas exhibition of the COLLECTIVE L'oeil VIF, Thank you for your looks, your words, see you very soon and thank you to the words of the journalists too!    You can take an appointment with me to the workshop to see one, works to acquire and then following requests, on appointment you can in 2020 come to see me work in the workshop … (Soon news about it!)  See you in the year ahead! Magda Hoibian Artist   

Merci de suivre Magda Hoibian

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